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Monaco Grand Prix Yacht Hospitality

Enjoy a day, or a weekend, afloat in Monaco's Port Hercule. Superb VIP hospitality with food and drink of the highest order. Experience our Monaco GP Yacht hospitality at its best!

3 fantastic F1 yacht hospitality options

All of our Monaco Grand Prix yacht hospitality options include the short tender transfer from Fontvieille Harbour via the entrance into Port Hercule. Guests will need to be able to step up a ladder onto the bow of our boats as access to the stern is not possible once track action has commenced.

Each of our 3 luxury Monaco Grand Prix yachts offers a full VIP hospitality package, served onboard with Champagne, fine wines, selected beers and soft drinks together with a luxurious buffet-style lunch prepared by the on-board catering team.

26m Yacht - Tabac Corner

The best value way to experience the Monaco Grand Prix from the deck of a yacht in the harbour! Includes a superb view of Tabac Corner

Full VIP hospitality on board our 26m yacht, with superb buffet-style lunch, and complimentary bar of Champagne, fine wines, beers and soft drinks.

Located just on the exit of the corner, you'll see the drivers fighting their cars through one of the fastest corners on the circuit - and it's not uncommon for them to get it wrong... though Pastor Maldonado's from 2013 is probably still the most spectacular!

Available for Thursday, Saturday and Sunday hospitality

26m yacht hospitality

The best value way to experience the Monte Carlo Grand Prix from the deck of a boat in the harbour.

37m Yacht - between Tabac and Piscine

This tri-deck yacht offers guests multiple viewing locations. The view from the high decks will be amongst the best in the harbour

Full VIP hospitality will be provided on board our 37m yacht, including Champagne, fine wines, beers and a sumptuous buffet-style lunch.

The location here offers guests the chance to see the cars exiting Tabac Corner on the short 'straight' towards the Swimming Pool complex. This is a very quick area of the circuit before the cars brake hard for the last couple of corners of the lap.

Available for Saturday and Sunday hospitality

37m VIP yacht

Berthed between Tabac and Piscine, our VIP yacht provides fantastic race viewing and hospitality.

44m Yacht - Nouvelle Chicane to Tabac

Our largest yacht, with one of the best views in the harbour! This tri-deck vessel will offer superb views of the track between the Nouvelle Chicane and Tabac Corner.

Full VIP hospitality on board our 44m yacht including a substantial buffet-style lunch and full drinks package with Champagne, fine wines, beers and soft drinks.

The view from this super-luxury yacht will include the cars appearing shortly after they exit the tunnel, through the Nouvelle Chicane and on towards Tabac Corner. You'll be able to keep up to date via big screens on action elsewhere on the circuit.

Available for Thursday, Saturday and Sunday hospitality

44m yacht hospitality

Superb race views with the finest yacht hospitality package.

Why F1 yacht hospitality at the Monaco Grand prix?

Watching Formula One cars from a yacht is a fairly unique experience - repeated only at the season-finale Abu Dhabi Grand Prix though Monaco really offers a very different atmosphere and vastly superior view!

From each of our hospitality yachts you'll look out across the track at the fantastic architectural styles of Monte Carlo as the cars wind their way through the streets of the principality.

You can be assured that we offer only the finest Formula 1 yacht hospitality - from the catering as onboard chefs prepare a superb buffet-style lunch to the bar where you'll find premium Champagne, fine wines, selected beers and a range of soft drinks.

What about weather? It's a common question. The boats we use for our yacht hospitality are generally equipped with 'pop-up' shelters in the event that weather is looking like it may disrupt the race weekend. Also, we tend to use larger tender craft to bring guests from Fontvieille harbour. Whilst this is only a 6 or 7 minute journey, smaller transfer boats can be buffeted by the weather very easily, whilst we've taken photos off the back of our boats - as they've cut through the water at speed!

Enjoy a fabulous drinks package whilst overlooking the circuit and experiencing the the highlife.

Talking of tenders, these depart from the Capitainerie de Fontvieille. Our partner will operate a 'welcome desk' close to the departure point - normally taking over on of the nearby restaurants for light refreshments as there can be small delays at busy times.

Another frequent questions is about shoes... on most of the yachts in the harbour you'll be asked to remove shoes so as not to damage the decks. On our boats we arrange for those decks to be carpeted for the weekend - so your shoes will be fine. We do ask guests to not wear stilettos, as the heals may still cause damage through the floor coverings.

Keen to know what's happening elsewhere on the circuit? Our Formula 1 hospitality yachts are all equipped with big screens and you can normally also see one of the circuits' jumbo screens.

Don't forget that you are not tied to our F1 yacht hospitality for the whole weekend. We offer you the chance to mix your hospitality up by watching from different locations on each day. To view our other locations, visit VIP hospitality and race viewing.

Spectacular views of Monaco's Port Hercule from yacht hospitality.

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