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Garnier Suite, Hotel de Paris

Simply superb!

Our finest hospitality location is back after a recent refurbishment. Enjoy 5* hospitality within the stunning Garnier Suite, with the finest Champagne, wines and select beers. Lunch is an incredible buffet-style affair featuring some of the highlights of the kitchens of the Hotel de Paris

And the view? With a backdrop that features the world-famous Casino, Café de Paris and the square laid out in front, it's hard to think of a better place to watch from!

Garnier Suite

Part of the panoramic view from the Garnier Suite at the Hotel de Paris

Casino Square Suite, Hotel de Paris

From its elevated (3rd floor) position, the Casino Square Suite offers commanding views across the square from above the exit of Massanet Corner. Watch as the cars power through the curve before losing speed for the right-hander in Casino Square.

Superb buffet-lunch and drinks package included as you would expect from one of the top spots in the Hotel de Paris.

Casino Square Suite

Superb views from the Casino Square Suite

Midi Terrace VIP, Hotel Hermitage

Enjoy superb panoramic views from this elevated terrace overlooking Monaco's harbour. Watch as the cars exit Sainte Devote corner and power up the hill almost under your feet. Cars are also visible through part of the harbour section (Tabac to Swimming Pool) and via the big screen located opposite the terrace.

Combine spectacular views with your VIP hospitality including lunch in an adjacent suite just moments from your views!

Package includes drinks on both the terrace and within the hospitality suite.

Midi Terrace VIP

Panoramic views from the Midi Terrace

Midi Terrace, Hotel Hermitage

Experience the same views as our Midi Terrace VIP suite guests but with your substantial buffet lunch provided on the Eiffel Mezzanine Restaurant - just a few minutes walk from the viewing terrace.

Package includes drinks on the terrace and on the mezzanine

Midi Terrace

Panoramic views from the Midi Terrace

Fairmont VIP Suites

Elevated views - these 5th & 6th Floor suites offer a great view of the world-famous Fairmont Hairpin. Inside you'll be treated to a superb 'Grand Prix' buffet-style lunch and excellent drinks package.

Direct views are supplenented by a big screen on the forecourt of the hotel plus screens in each of the suites.

Fairmont VIP suites

High-floored view of the Fairmont Hairpin

Fairmont Hairpin Suites

Feel closer to the action from a 4th floor 'Hairpin Suite'. Whilst not quite as panoramic as our VIP Suites, your view here is similar to the higher-floor options.

Lunch and drinks package are comparable, as is teh presence of big screen in front of the hotel and screens in each of the suites.

Fairmont Hairpin Suites

4th floor view of the Fairmont Hairpin

Ermanno Palace VIP Suites

We offer a number of suites in the Ermanno Palace - all having one thing in common, a view of around 60% of the Monaco circuit!

This private building offers expansive terraces to watch from, combined with some superb food and a drinks package that includes Champagne, fine wines, beers and soft drinks.

Ermanno Palace

Track viewing from the Ermanno Palace.

La Rascasse

First floor or trackside, it's hard to think of anywhere you can watch F1 closer than La Rascasse. Located inside the penultimate corner, the track snuggles around the venue with pit entry immediately behind the building.

The usual hospitality refinements are on offer including a substantial buffet-tyle lunch and complimentary drinks package.

La Rascasse

Track viewing from La Rascasse.

Joel Robushon Restaurant & Terrace

A 2-Michelin Star restaurant that will be serving some of their finest food, to compliment a view of the track that is inaccesible to the public.

Your package includes lunch in the restaurant (you may be sat on the terrace) together with a limited drinks package. Your view is from the terrace of the track from the footbridge through to Mirabeau Corner.

Joel Robuchon Terrace

Track view from the Robuchon Restaurant terrace.

Fairmont Stadium Seats

Hospitality lite - this package includes grandstand seating on the pool level of the Fairmont Monte Carlo. The view is spectacular!

A pool-side buffet lunch is included along with a 4 hour drinks package including beers and wines.

Fairmont Stadium Seats

A rooftop grandstand provides your viewing platform from the Stadium Seats.

Caffe Milano hospitality **NEW for 2019**

Formerly the restaurant Virage, the Caffe Milano offers one of the most incredible views in F1 as the cars hurtle almost directly at the trackside restaurant before jinking to guests' right and on towards the Swimming Pool. A superb lunch will be offered, together with an excellent drinks package.

Caffe Milano

Incredible trackside views at Caffe Milano.

26m Yacht - Tabac Corner

The best value way to experience the Monaco Grand Prix from the deck of a yacht in the harbour! Includes a superb view of Tabac Corner

Full VIP hospitality on board our 26m yacht, with superb buffet-style lunch, and complimentary bar of Champagne, fine wines, beers and soft drinks.

26m yacht hospitality

The best value way to experience the Monaco Grand Prix from the deck of a yacht in the harbour.

37m Yacht - between Tabac and Piscine

This tri-deck yacht offers guests multiple viewing locations. The view from the high decks will be amongst the best in the harbour

Full VIP hospitality will be provided on board our 37m yacht, including Champagne, fine wines, beers and a sumptuous buffet-style lunch.

37m VIP yacht

Berthed between Tabac and Piscine, our VIP yacht provides fantastic race viewing.

44m Yacht - Nouvelle Chicane

Our largest yacht, with one of the best views in the harbour! This tri-deck vessel will offer superb views over the Nouvelle Chicane - one of teh crucial corners on the Monaco circuit

Full VIP hospitality on board our 44m yacht including a substantial buffet-style lunch and full drinks package with Champagne, fine wines, beers and soft drinks..

44m yacht hospitality

Superb race views with the finest yacht hospitality.

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